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remme - popstar (Official Video)

remme live 2021

i remember writing ‘2 become 1’ about 6 months ago on a warm and sunny day in the studio in berlin - the place where i’ve been writing and recording my music since i was 16 years old. it was just me and my producer in the room, but also an old piano that a friend of mine just bought. when i started playing i immediately fell in love with it and after about 5 minutes of messing around i came up with the piano idea of ‘2 become 1’.

‘2 become 1’ is about a feeling that almost everybody knows. 2 young people coming together, feeling free and simply having a great time. i started off writing lyrics with the idea of going on a roadtrip through some of my favorite cities in europe. after my first ever release at the beginning of last year i got to perform my songs in berlin, paris, london, amsterdam and oslo. looking back to it always makes me feel very happy and i tried to catch that feeling in a song. those were some of the best months of my life and i thought it was nice to write a happy song for a change ;)

in my head this road trip took place in a sunny country with me driving a classic car so that's exactly what we visualized in the music video. we traveled to a little city in portugal called setubal that i visited a couple of times as a kid. we rented the most beautiful mercedes we could find and just started driving around, filming everything. ‘2 become 1’ is a song i just want to dance to every time i hear it and i hope people will have the same feeling when they listen to it!